August 21, 2008


was completed my task (big task kononnyer)hehehe

after a few days was started to read my favorite book ‘ ayat-ayat cinta’…at last, today I was successfully finished it on Wednesday/21.8.8 at 10.02 pm !!! bout 510 pages

I suggest to ‘u ols’, plz read dis book…

OMG… I doe noe how to say & story u ols =) But, wut can i say is, when u r started to read dis book, u can't stop it cz u wun to noe more and more wut will happen next…seriously!!! da story is touching me…very…very & very da!!!

Habiburrahman El Shirazy u r amazing man!!! u r excellent!!! Sehr gut!!! U can play with emotions till can touch my heart…
I hope dat my future hubby is like him (fahri) who alwizzz love me…and I can be like her (aisha)… maybe!!!
Lieber mior…Ana uhibbuka fillah ya Akhi! Man jadda wajad! Ma’at taufiq! muuuaaccckkkxxx

1 of da phrase dat really touch me:

“Suamiku, kita ini satu jiwa. Kau adalah aku. Aku adalah kau. Kita akan mengharungi kehidupan ini bersama. Dukamu dukaku. Dukaku dukamu. Sukamu sukaku. Sukaku sukamu. Cita-citamu cita-citaku. Cita-citaku cita-citamu. Senangmu senangku, senangku senangmu. Bencimu benciku. Benciku bencimu. Kurangmu kurangku. Kurangku kurangmu. Kelebihanmu kelebihanku. Kelebihanku kelebihanmu. Milikmu milikku. Milikku milikmu. Hidupmu hidupku. Hidupku hidupmu". Says aisha to fahri

Thanx to ida for da book & next I will watching ayat-ayat cinta dvd plak…

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